Capture settings

After a Token is minted, Genify Server generates a screenshot for each Token to be displayed on the website. The screenshot is created by capturing the browser's view of the token URL. To ensure your work is well-presented on the website, you should pay attention to its rendering performance in the browser, as well as rendering duration and viewport size. Consider the following recommendations:

  1. Eliminate any gaps between the drawing area (e.g., canvas) and the body by setting padding and margin to 0.

  2. Handle the OnSize event to ensure rendering isn't affected when the window size changes.

  3. Use Chrome's developer tools to test appropriate viewport sizes.

  4. If you know exactly when your work finishes rendering, call Genify.renderDone() to actively set the status upon completion.

  5. Optimize image and resource loading: Use appropriate compression methods and formats to reduce loading time and bandwidth consumption. Consider using WebP or other modern image formats.

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