Participate in the Incentive Pool

12% of each transaction amount enters the Collection Pool. All royalties in the Collection Pool are distributed in full to the collectors of that Collection, historical or current. Distribution is by equal average allocation proportional to weight for each new royalty generated from transactions.

Here is an example:

If a work sells for 1,000 $LAMB, 120 $LAMB in royalties enters the Collection Pool. If a user accounts for 1% of the current pool weight, that user gains 12 LAMB from that transaction. As long as you maintain a certain weight in the pool, you will continue to receive royalties.

Users gain Collection Pool weight by directly purchasing or completing transactions through “Make offers”. Given that there is already 10,000 $LAMB royalties in the pool, when User A completes a 1,000 $LAMB transaction, gaining 1.2% weight (100012%/10000), A will get 1.44 LAMB (1201.2%) from that transaction. If A maintains the gains in the Pool without withdrawing, A will gain royalties from future transactions, though the weight will decrease as more works in that Collection transact. A can also increase the weight by further transactions.

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