FAQ for Curators

Genify FAQ for Curator Who Wants to Curate for BTC Genify

Genify FAQ for Curator Who Wants to Curate for BTC Genify

1. What is Genify?

Genify is a pioneering platform dedicated to the fusion of generative art and blockchain technology, specifically focusing on inscribing artists' creations directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Beyond Bitcoin, Genify extends its support to minting and showcasing Short-Form collections across various chains, including Conflux and Lambda. Artists have the liberty to launch their works on the Genify Lambda chain, while releases on Conflux and Bitcoin necessitate an application and subsequent approval by the Genify curation board.

2. Is Genify an Exclusive or Open Platform?

Genify stands as a selectively curated platform, exclusively featuring Long-Form generative art pieces. We actively seek out and invite artists to collaborate with us while also welcoming submissions. Artists interested in partnering with Genify for BTC drops are encouraged to reach out via email at g@genify.xyz, providing social media details and preliminary sketches of their projects. Additionally, direct communication with our curation board members through Twitter DMs to @shaun8149, @JimiWen, and @Arctic0013 is highly recommended.

3. How are the edition numbers, prices determined? How much do curator earn?

Currently, BTC.Genify, the minimum edition number is 900, and the maximum is 2000. In unique cases like generative PFP if the algo can carry larger editions, we will drop the collection in larger editions.

Currently we aim for public mint prices ranging from $60 to $150, depending on the cryptocurrency market at the time. As explained in the previous questions, revenue will always be less than edition size multiplied by the public mint price.

Artists can get payment in two ways: a fixed compensation, where we pay artists a fixed fee of $10,000-$25,000 depending on the work, on the signing of our contract 10% down payment is paid to the artist.The final payment is paid within 48 hours to the completion of the minting or 96 hours from when public minting opens. The second way is a revenue share, where we pay 46% to artists, Genify gets 46%, and curators get 8%. In the first case, Genify bears the risk of unsold works; in the second, the risk is shared between the Artist and Genify.

4. How Does the Curation Process at Genify Operate?

Our curation philosophy is driven by a commitment to showcasing generative art that stands the test of time and leaves a lasting mark on the genre. The process is highly collaborative, with artists playing a central role in the development of their work. Our curation team offers insights and suggestions based on comprehensive market analysis and aesthetic judgment to ensure the art resonates with the market. Regular dialogues, including group chats and video calls, are integral to our collaborative curation process.

5 How to contribute as a Curator with Genify?

Should you possess the discerning ability to identify and nurture artists whose work redefines the genre of long-form generative art, or hold sway within communities of esteemed collectors, facilitating the acquisition of artworks through Genify and its represented artists, you are cordially invited to submit your candidacy for curatorship. Our ethos is to champion the proliferation of exemplary generative art amongst aficionados of this avant-garde medium.

Prospective curators are encouraged to extend their expressions of interest through correspondence to g@genify.xyz or by direct messaging @shaun8149 on Twitter.

Upon the favorable evaluation of your application, you shall be accorded the role of Curator within our Discord community, heralding the commencement of your curatorship. For those inclined towards artist representation, the first goal of your curatorship in joining the Curatorial Committee, is contingent upon curating at least one artist's successful debut on Genify's BTC platform.

6 The Responsibilities of a Curator

Curators dedicated to artist representation bear the responsibility of ensuring the integrity and historical significance of the artworks they endorse, guiding these creations to stand as milestones within the annals of long-form generative art. Regular dialogue with fellow members of the Curatorial Committee is imperative, as is engagement with artists poised for evaluation. Genify serves as a leading platform for the publication of long-form generative art, establishing benchmarks for the curation and distribution of works that reflect the artistic development and innovative essence of their creators.

Curators with a focus on collector engagement are tasked with the presentation of artworks to a discerning clientele, capable and eager to patronize, and to relay their insights back to the Curatorial Committee.

7 How is compensation for curators distributed?

Curators championing artist representation are remunerated with a fixed 8% of the primary market sales revenue of the artworks under their curation, augmented by points attributed by the Genify platform.

Curators oriented towards collector engagement accrue points based on sales volume, convertible into the platform's currency tbd. An invitation to the Curatorial Committee ensures a fixed income with a proportion of sales revenue from the whole catalog.

8 The Exclusive Nature of Collaboration with Genify

Our collaborative ethos with curators is characterized by inclusivity, permitting simultaneous affiliations with other platforms. Artists themselves often emerge as exemplary curators, given their intrinsic connections to both their peers and collectors. We advocate for generative art's ability to transcend cultural, racial, gender, and national barriers, with the Bitcoin network envisaged as the preeminent chain for art publication.

9 The Commitment and Reward of Curatorship

Curators are expected to partake in weekly online meetings when called upon and to offer timely responses to inquiries from artists via Discord. With a hypothetical curatorial portfolio comprising two artworks annually, each generating $60,000 in revenue, a curator's anticipated remuneration shall not be less than $10,000.

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