FAQ for Artist who want drop on Conflux

1. What is Genify?

Genify is a platform for releasing generative art on the blockchain, enabling artists to distribute artworks that incorporate randomness into algorithms to create visually appealing pieces. This platform supports storing algorithmic codes on BitCoin, Conflux, and Lambda blockchains and allows purchases using their native tokens (BTC, CFX, LAMB). Genify releases emerging artists' works on LAMB and masterpieces on CFX and BTC.

2. Is Genify on Conflux an exclusive or an inclusive platform?

Genify adopts a semi-open policy, exclusively issuing generative art pieces that possess the potential for Long-Form significance. We extend invitations to artists for issuing their works on Genify and also welcome applications from interested artists. To apply for issuing assets on Genify, one may contact us via email at g@genify.xyz, providing social media details and sketches of their works. Our application form can be accessed here:


Additionally, direct messaging curators such as @shaun8149 and @jimiwen on Twitter is encouraged.

3. What is the curation process for Genify works?

Should we find an artist's sketch captivating, an email response will be promptly sent, followed by the initiation of a group chat either on Discord or Twitter. If an artist's sketch catches our eye on social media platforms like Twitter, an invitation will be extended via Direct Message (DM).

4. How are the edition numbers and prices determined, and what remuneration can artists expect?

For works issued on Genify on Conflux, the minimum edition size is 256, with a maximum of 512. Special categories such as PFPs may have higher edition sizes, exceeding 2000.

Pricing ranges from $3 to $10, depending on the prevailing cryptocurrency market conditions.

5. Why Conflux?

While most generative artists currently release their works on Ethereum and Tezos, Ethereum being the innovation hub of the cryptocurrency domain and Tezos having formed an artist enclave due to its historical evolution with Hictentic, Conflux stands out in the public blockchain sphere. It holds a prestigious position in the East with a substantial user base and has seen artists like HAL successfully issue works on its platform.

Although most digital artists are relatively unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency industry, Conflux's prospects surpass those of Tezos. Moreover, CFX espace, like Tezos, is based on the POS consensus mechanism, making it equally environmentally friendly.

6. What support can artists expect?

We pledge to promote the artists' works through articles on social platforms. Moreover, Genify and Conflux will elucidate the artists' creations through regular bilingual space activities and publicize their works on platforms like Twitter and Warpcast.

In addition, Conflux offers additional economic incentives to curated artists.

7. What is the issuance cycle for Genify on Conflux?

The scheduling for Genify on Conflux primarily depends on the queue of other artists. Typically, the current status can be directly inquired through direct messages to curators on Twitter.

8. Does Genify on Conflux support artist royalties?

Artists are entitled to a 5% royalty from secondary sales as an income stream.

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